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About Us

Cascade Institute of Hospitality is a premier tertiary institution located in Thika. The institute is founded on quality, affordability and high standards never seen before in the hospitality industry. The institute has its roots in Cascade Restaurants, a household name within Thika town and beyond, known for quality services and excellence for many years. We aim at producing top grade, highly skilled, disciplined and results oriented graduates that will change the face of hospitality in the country and beyond.


10 reasons to enroll with CIH

  1. High quality experienced tutors, readily available for tuition and guidance
  2. Free foreign language for students enrolled on long term courses
  3. Guaranteed industrial attachment for all students
  4. Free computer packages for enrolled students complete with a certificate
  5. Reward for excellence and top of the grade performance in external courses
  6. Variety of courses and examination bodies to choose from
  7. Convenient location within Thika CBD but away from the hustle and bustle of city life
  8. Affordable top grade quality education that will definitely lead to success
  9. Exposure to co-curricular activities and talent promotion
  10. Affordable accommodation available for students from within and without Thika town


  1. Department of Hospitality
  2. Business Courses
  3. Information Technology

CIH offers a variety of diploma and certificate courses spread across three departments: Hospitality, business and Information technology. Short courses are available in the three departments, beginning on the 1st Monday of every month for interested professionals already in the job market.