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The program is designed to introduce students to core tourism, leisure and hospitality concepts, plus foundation management skills required to successfully manage and develop a tourism and hospitality business, or related leisure and recreation enterprises.

At the end of the program, students will be able to:

  • Develop students’ appreciation of the developments and challenges in business especially the tourism and hospitality industry;
  • Enhance students’ understanding of the roles and significance of various participants within the tourism system and hospitality sector in tourism destinations;
  • Enable students to describe the major tourist market segments and use segmentation to target and meet the wants, needs and expectations of the travelling public;
  • Enhance students’ understanding of business and social responsibilities of major functional departments within tourism and hospitality organizations;
  • Develop a working knowledge of geographical and environmental factors in tourism associated to destination products and learn how to utilize this knowledge when selling the tourism product;
  • Provide students the opportunity to work effectively and constructively in groups for tourism and hospitality projects.

Entry requirement – KCSE D plain or KCE Division III.
Duration – 18 months (6 terms)
Examining Body – Institute of Commercial Management (ICM)
Fees – 18,000 per term

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